The battle and Career


With headphones in, A determined stare.

I type for you but a passage, for all readers to share.

Viewers reflect, make choices, prepare.


The future is approaching, with its army of fear.

Its soldiers of doubt, archers shots of despair.

The only way to survive, the truth is right there.

On the top of Mount College, Is where you will find the career.

A career of your choice awaits at the top

You have no time to waste, have quick feet, do not stop.


In the battle I fought, In the battle I won.

I did not choose an ax, machete or gun.

But a finely sharpened sword, with the initials IT.

And with only a moment glance, knew the sword was for me. 

I cut to the chase, and after six years of struggle.

The money lost in the war, I did more than just double.




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