Endless Dreaming



is just that:

a dream. But

what if it could

become a reality?

Journeying and trudging

through the surprises life holds

in the palms of its fragile hands, all

it takes is a little dedication. They say

it is hard to do what you want in life, but

I say try anyway. My deepest longing is to

help people. Maybe I’ll be a teacher or a social

worker or a physical therapist. That isn’t so bad, is

it? Dream farther than you can reach. Dream to the stars

and the moon and back again. Never give up. I dream realistically,

knowing the skills I have and the skills I’ll never have. But that doesn’t

deter me. I dream of helping people. The only thing standing in my way

are the years of college education and the dejected mindset that I’m not

good enough. But all I need are my supporting parents, my dedicated personality,

and a little shove from the world, reminding me that it always has my back and telling

me that I can. Because I can. And I will. Dreams are all just a longing at reality– a reality

we can obtain it if we work hard enough. Want it bad enough. So try. And never be afraid to

dream big.


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