Holding Out For Rain

I am a flower in the desert, holding out for the rain.
The sun has been hot and taunting, mocking my goals and my name.
“Darcie?” it taunts, “Go to college? Learn to write? Where’s your money, where’s your transportation, will it appear over night?”
It goes on all day, and it echoes through the night.
I am wizen, small and weary, and I need it to rain.

The flower thinks that maybe the sun is right.
Maybe she shouldn’t learn to write.

I droop and my pedals fall, obvious proof of my discouraged state.
I have no money, I have no car, I have no savings, I have no job.
How will I go on to follow my dreams?
And it still hasn’t rained.

The little flower searches for water; she holds her head high and looks all around.
But no matter how hard she searches, no water can be found.

I wither away a little more every day and the smaller I become,
The more persistent the sun becomes, beating down on me hotter and dryer every day.
If I could find a way, If I could only pay, I could be a writer someday.
I could live in a place where there is an abundance of rain.
But here in the desert, it still has not rained.

The little flower falls to the ground.
The hard, cracked, sandy desert floor, there will be no rain.

And then, here on the ground, I feel something remarkably cool.
Something moist, something pure, I pull myself up and I see it.
I see the rain; I feel the rain, the hopeful, promising, beautiful rain.
It’s raining.

The little flower gains her strength, gathers her courage, and briskly walks away.
She ignores the taunting sun and follows her hope, her rain.

I’m a flower running from the desert, running to a future full of hope and full of change.
I’m learning from this beautiful rain, that if I want a pleasant future, I can’t sit here in the desert and wait.
I have to leap and bound forward, over hurdles, through the pain.
Even if it’s not raining, I have to go on anyway.
Learning to write and report and inform will change my life forever.
I will be living my passion everyday.

The little flower found success; she learned to make her own way.
She’s learning how to write, she’s changing her life,
So she can find the future she desires.
She found the future that’s full of rain.


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