One Job. The Job.


All I need is the opportunity, I seek the help offered to me.

All I want is to change a life. I need not strife.

I have this job in mind. One job that I think is kind.

It may be hard, but one day I have hopes of a house with a yard.

I want so much this job, sometimes it makes my head throb.

To help patients with medical bills, so that phone calls don't give them chills.

Well I think that's the best, as for other jobs I'll leave them to the rest.

Medical Billing, to me that sounds fulfilling.

It may not be as cool as a celebrity, but this job is enough for me.

And It may not be a nurse, but who cares if I can't afford a fancy purse.

As long as I can afford my house, I don't mind the brand on my blouse.

I like helping patients, no matter their stations.

The only thing in my way? School. So what do you say?



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