The Job

As I wash the dishes 

I have many wishes

Ever Since I started working here

My thoughts have started to veer

People walk in and out

Some are loud and shout

They leave their dishes on the table

And go home to watch some cable

But do they care about the person over there

The girl with a mess of hair

Who has to clean

And deals with the mean

I watch the girl ever day

She never has anything to say

She just smiles

But you know her heart feels as if she is running miles

She hardly complains

As she takes down the names of meals

I can't imagine the pain she feels

The worries that bind her down

She has various reasons to frown

As I leave my shift 

I go over and give her a gift

Whether she is cogniciant of it or not

She gave me alot 

Sometimes you have to play the cards you're delt as best as you can

That's when you step up and take it like a man




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