My Dream Job

Since I was a child I can remember always staring into space for a while,

Always thinking of something creative to write in a way to express my deepest emotions,

I was never able to voice my feelings because of my fear of being criticized or rejected,

It was my personal therapy before I was ever recommended to start going to counseling,

As years went by my outlet became my talent where everyone started paying attention to my writing’s,

I felt like experimenting and was amazed by my results,

My writings were my way of releasing build up emotions and saying would I could never voice aloud,

Everyone who called my writings a form of artistic expression said I must pursue my major as Literature,

Scary as it seemed I never thought I was good enough,

So I went different paths which led me to Business and Psychology,

Yet I still remain lost in a career path and which direction the rest of my life would embark on,

My life's journey has yet to be complete and that scares me,

One thing I do know my gift of emotional expression has never left me even though I had chosen to abandon the idea of publishing my works of art,

As far as I can remember my writings had the power to affect people emotionally,

They understood me or could relate to me,

I gave advice in my writing’s to others through my own experiences and with that I knew that is my gift to the world,

I am meant to help others through my poetry my quotes and my writings involving my life,

My dream now is to strengthen my writing skills and understand true poetry,

To expand my vocabulary so I may be qualified to send my works of art to others who can relate to me,

 Who through my writings I could help heal them or maybe even bring them some comfort to their lives,

 If I could give someone the gift of understanding and allow them to relate to me so they never feel alone,

 That to me is my dream job that is the one dream job that could change my life and hopefully others around me who read my writings,

My dream job would be a counselor for young adults


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