Doctor Dreaming


I just want to be a doctor, 

One that will help others prosper. 

I just want to work in the emergency room, 

To lead others out of  certain doom. 

Call me crazy if you will, 

but it is so interesting to have the chills. 

The excitement and happiness it will bring

will be worth the adrenaline rush that will ling.

I love taking care of other people, 

it is better than studying about plants and their sepals. 

But being a doctor will require a lot of education. 

That which will requre a strong mental foundation. 

I've got the brains and determination,

all I need left is a generous donation.

What's standing in my way is the large expense, 

all I need is a few extra cents. 

A dollar here, a dollar there, 

No other job will compare. 

My family isn't at all rich, 

And we cannot afford the schooling that will enrich. 

I know that I can help others. 

Your mother and your brother. 

But in order to get there, 

I need someone's great care. 

My passion for my future career

Has never been so clear. 

I need someone to help me save lives,

help others survive, 

by kindly supplying me with the funds 

for my education, and I promise it would be spent wisely so there wouldn't be desire of a refund. 


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