Dreams to reality.

I want to touch the soul, with words that sounds like gold.

I want to hold the world's feelings in the words of my notes.

I want to behold the power to have my written word uncontrolled.

I want to speak free, spark the minds with creativity,

creativity shouldn't have formality,

get away from reality, the harsh world's brutality.

Education is the key, the key to take everything you believe in and help you receive them,

but it's hard to receive the golden ticket to an better life

when that golden ticket has a price,

college is high, but I know and those around me know i can achieve

great things.

Support systems makes life seems simple, that those obstacles are just life's dimples.

That the bumpy road is just life's pimples.

That i can achieve great thing, all I have to do is believe.


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