Speaking, we take it for granted

Speaking, it connects us all

Speaking, it could raise us up

Speaking, it could be our downfall

To speak or not to speak, that could be the question

In this world filled with annihilation

Words, so powerful, they could breath comfort in a world of pain

Words, so frightful, it could breed utter disdain.

If i were to pick one job, i'd be a journalist

I'd use my power to speak the truths

I'd use my words to bring light to darkness

And to eradicate ignorance in people's hearts.

But like they say, about the pen

How it is mightier than the sword

The ability to inflict pain

With every painstaking word

But i shall remember, to use my words right

For it is to the benefit of the people

And i shall be just and forthright

Like a towering steeple.





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