Parting the meadow (A job for both sides of the brain)

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 21:10 -- JayyWoo


There's a road in the meadow

parting it left and right

a side where the sun rises

and the other for the moon at night

and now I have to choose

the side I belong to

"how do I choose?" says the weary brain

the heart murmurs "Even I don't know what's true."

And so we all sighed 

and closed our eyes

laying in the middle

of the part in the meadow

The moon and sun each rose and fell

and then we knew that all is well

for the road in the meadow isn't a part at all

it's a guiding light, not a wall

the right is full of chances and creativity

dreams and thoughts and spontaneity

and the left, however still

can procure discovery

through math and logic and scientific inquiry 

so why not smell and feel and even wallow

in the scent and beauty of flowers from both sides of the meadow

follow the road that leads you to the stars

and lets you live the best of both worlds from Earth to Mars


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