Is It Her Fault?


She grabs a magazine and looks inside

All these "perfect women" fill the contents

A false reality seen with her eyes

Comparing herself to literal nonsense


The flawless faces photoshopped to perfection

Not a pore or blemish in sight

The pressure leads her to self inspection

She cries herself to sleep at night 


Is it her fault? Or is it the body ideal?

The media makes her loathe herself

This "body ideal" is simply unreal

Examining photoshopped curves is not good for her health


She doesn't feel beautiful anymore

The media is her mirror

She feels like a girl nobody can adore 

The girl in the magazine's skin is clearer 


Is this self loathe really her fault?

Or is it the superficial eye of the fashion critics?

This scrutinizing eye should be brought to a halt.

If nothing changes, her self esteem is finished. 










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