Lights up.

Here I am. Heart pouding, ready to burst out of my chest like a comet whirling through the universe.

Cue music.

Here I go. Opening my heart for all the world to hear.

Bearing my soul through the song that comes out of my mouth.

This is the first act of the rest of my life.

Dream job. Broadway. I am a performer. 

I can feel the audience pulsating; all of their eyes on me.

It's not about the fame. It's about the story.

No more waiting in line at auditions, feeling smaller than the atoms that make up my body.

No more wondering what I am going to do with my life 

No more worrying about how I am gonna eat or pay rent

No more tragedy.

My time has come.

Hard work pays off.

I am still that little girl, singing into a hairbrush in the bathroom, with dreams sparkling in her eyes like diamonds.

But now those dreams are reality.

Reality becomes BETTER than my dreams.

The audience applauds.

I am invincible. 

My face flushes and my breath comes back to me slowly.

The world feels right.

I am home.






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