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                                                   Suonerò tutte le campane Per il tuo compleanno Uscirò dalle mie tasche
Je vais sonner toutes les cloches Pour ton anniversaire de naissance Je vais sortir de mes poches De jolis bijoux venus des belles anses.  
The magamized clouds flush in the horizon over nearby Hawaii Bubbling in my cheeks Spilling into the corners of my collarbones Down into my rib cavity
So is this what you wanted? To become a stranger  to your family for money? To leave your flock.        Confused Believing you can navigate the storm.           Vast Instead it pulls you in.                Parasite
You learnt to tread  the thread of life, for you knew if you leaned too much
Sometimes I find myself Asking myself What kind of horror,
The old man’s mind drifted back as he lay dying, remembering a world and of days less trying. His vitality was gone, yes his time long passed. Was it so long ago? He thought with aghast.  
I look at that first twinkling star. Remember when we looked at them through your bedroom window? I make the same wish: soon, we won’t be this far.  
You dont know So here I am to show how much I care   We became friends Then best friends Sibilings To fake lovers   We made a death pact To forever we cant be alone
You dont know So here I am to show how much I care   We became friends Then best friends Sibilings To fake lovers   We made a death pact To forever we cant be alone
You say just friends And I've been thinkin that too So why am I sittin here crying I'm feelin so blue We tried to make it work out
Today I watched a wasp try to carry her egg all the way across the garden bed. It’s weight dragged her down, so she left the babe Came atop a flower, wiped off her legs And flew away
I don't know much about life just yet, But I've got enough life experience to know what's best, Like if you think you're in love and your heart leaps out your chest,
A LOVER'S NOTION   How could you knowI miss you so....   We've been apartImprisoned by disdainListen to my heartLet it explain....  
I try to put pieces of the puzzle together and make every single one fit, but I lose focus. And in returning to the puzzle, I receive more pieces  even more jumbled then the first set. I struggle and struggle to make them fit.
Pouring words, They flow like silver moutain streams, down to a valley in winter. But a drop of water means nothing  unless it is poured with others Just like it. A word by itself means nothing!
  the window is open but Giovanni the lover is here that flawless sentry charming and benevolent as ever he sits watching protecting holding too tightly as if he were Calypso
My inspiration, sense of dedication. My drive and the way that I Strive,   All came from a woman  heart soft like a cushion
TrustYou know? The funny thing about trust is that it’s a two way streetI trust you. You trust me, right?Except you don’t Instead you read my diary out to the entire courtroomJust to make a point
Sometimes I look to the future  and I see the me I hope to be. Lately as I peek I see you because I want you to be so much, and I know you will be.   Not for me, or for the next girl,
It was not meant to be Wrong place, wrong time Together but apart So I trudge on Erase you from my memory What an innocent crime
It was not meant to be Wrong place, wrong time Together but apart So I trudge on Erase you from my memory What an innocent crime
He loves me  He loves me not  He loves me  He loves me not    Thought we were meant to be Guess i was wrong Stole my heart 
I miss the mystery that you once were When there was so much still left to uncover I miss first realising the bond we had A connection unlike any other
How dare you, go to the movies with him How dare you utter his name. How dare you ask me for advice When you know I didn't think twice About loving you, and about caring. I didnt think twice about being there
I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
I once loved a girl, But I wasn't enough for her, So she ran off with other guys. I once loved a boy, But he just wanted to use me, He told me he loved me, Turned out to be crazy.
What is love I ask For he called it that When he wouldn’t let go  When he devoured my neck  When he silenced me   
I first recall it at thirteen I’ve heard of younger girls who had it worse But any age it too young When the touch he lays, Burns your skin   
Orpheus & Eurydice    The two are tangled in the web The web that we call love The two walk by the riverbed The bed that lies above 
It’s a good thing there is a such thing as family Because family makes everything better It’s less lonely with them And you’ve a place to go
At first, I wasn’t going to say anything. I was going to wait it out, let the time and misery pass in silence. But then it occurred to me, when have I ever sat idly by with a broken heart?
The sun will always rise The sun will always set The clouds will always clear But the storm's not over yet You will hide me in the shadow of your wings  You will keep me as the apple of your eye
If I was going to write a poem about you, I would tell the whole world That you are so terrible at singing Your falsetto voice could shatter glass.
Dear Dad, This is just to say Last January, I was walking through sleet Which seeped through the holes in my boots. My feet had been numb for two miles. Then, I thought about how much you loved me.
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
We were different; We were different before paying bills We were different before heartbreak We were different before going out into the world. The world; A matrix of experiences,
I it’s hard to make a circle that’s perfect Such a simple looking shape, but a quite unattainable prospect You only see such perfect appearances on paper, book, or magazine
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
When I was a little girl Pain was like a friend of mine. It played with me on merry-go-rounds. It slid with me on slides. It was my shadow on hot summer days.
I watched it all unfold before my very eyes. I was outcast by you. And it took me so long to try and wrap my head around it all. You stopped fighting for us.
Hands   Hands touching fur blankets Hands touching sleepy hair Hands touching still water   Hands holding heavy bags Hands holding dusty books Hands holding smaller hands  
Mothers, talking the bottle warmer or the nob that starts the washing machine. The mothers Brickell, Clorox queens, mattered with milk stains, skin dry and calloused from work but glowing faintly, loud over their children’s cries.
They tell us to be careful that life is hard, and cruel but I would never listen and now I look the fool.   They tell us people leave and I knew it to be true but some stay together forever
Introvert. The person who needs alone time to feel best energized.   Extrovert. The person who needs time with others to feel best energized.   Ambivert.
Propped my foot against the wall I’d regress to be us for a minute or two No wonder we’d eventually fall On the frozen ground near Putnam Ave Him and I and the lack of love It all seemed so melanchomical
Feeling at home cause you’re around I wouldn’t be walkin this ground Catching the rails and the crowds and the sounds In my black boots, my fancy ones   You mesmerized me with your ever-dirty kitchen
I'm breaking heart sitting here everyday thinking i should man up and tell you I'm breaking my own heart letting occupy my thoughts the better part of the day I'm breaking my heart
I saw the scar on my thumb from  when I hit it on the bottom shelf  while getting you chips.    Such a silly way to get hurt.   
I try to hide the parts of me that's vulnerable, If it's not exposed, then I won't be exposed, Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart for you, And I just don't want you to think my heart is cold;
You are incredible. Much like prized jewels. Precious in all your ways. You are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be.
When I was younger I imagined you would never meet your grandchildren Forgive my honesty, I just didn't think you had it in you Growing up hearing, "I never wanted kids" sets up quite a disappointing example
There's a saying around, saying ignorance is bliss, I didn't know he would hurt me, so ignorance has a twist; A twisted plot to come and kill me and to leave me with a kiss,
Dear crush, Thank you for existing Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.
“That smile how do you do it everyday?” “Love” was all she said. The smile that went through hell and back. The smile that has been at a breaking point.
"Honey, that's so cliche."You mutter those words as I tuck your hairbehind the ears that never fail to listen.
It's how it is, it's life. I look up and there's a big cloud; Caterpillar shaped and fluffy.   I look down and there's a hole in my sock. I stare across and there's a beautiful smile
So when you're finished with me, Will I be disposed like an old wash towel? Torn, worn, and rough on the corners. Loose threading and loose ends. Am I no longer worthy to clean up your mess?
Poetry has taught me to not ignore the people closest to me. I've learned to acknowledge the pain that they cause me. I've seen how my father left one day and didnt come back for months.
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words, they just might kill me. 
I have this horrible tendency to love people Whose ankles are half-sunken in quicksand Beneath the weight of their minds   You have a beautiful mind
Pop that pill  Hope it kills  Hope it eases the pain Hope they choose you to blame    Blame me Blank cards 
She doesn’t radiate warmth throughout the world around her, nor does she make the sky outside any brighter. Not King Midas with his golden touch. I used to think her smile made everything glow with a new purpose, 
Love is an emotion you cannot control, You can’t and shan’t choose to feel it, Development of yourself is replicated, Unfortunately your weakness is emphasised.   Love makes exceptions to flaws,
Glassy eyed vixen. I stare into thy eyes. Sparkling like a wildfire; Such feelings I can't deny.   Long black silky hair Oh I did not dare touch. But my thoughts are impure;
Dear Heterosexual Boys,   Why do you think it’s okay to play with a girl’s heart? What made you think that you were more important in the relationship?
To: me Before,   you did the same. glances and touches added fuel to a fire that wasn’t yours to  stoke.   To: them Now,    she stokes his fire
What a lovely rose Petals as smooth as fine silk Yet the thorns may cut
I've done all the drugs, Yet I've never been high.   I'm always down. I can't seem to grow. And the more I take, The less I know.   Still, I know what I need,
To Grace, my almost big girl:     You’re nine, Running around and playing, Making messes, Having mom clean them up, Crying about scraped knees, And telling everyone you love them.
dear megan,   if i wanted to write you a letter to finally say everything i wanted to say if i ever saw you again   i guess  
Dear YXU,   It has been a while! How ya been, ya schmuck? I’m busting down your doorway and my blood pressure’s up There’s a small stream of spit Trailing form the rabid corner of my mouth
I am an anglerfish, Fishnets stuck in between my teeth, One-liner hooks spilling From bleeding gums. Anglerfish rely on a light to attract prey,
To the boy on the bus, with the thick brown hoodie and the old running shoes and the wireframed glasses and the ripped jeans that started at the knees when you bought them but strecthed to your lower thigh.  
I met the love of my life He is kind and generous He is patient and loving He is absolutely perfect There is just a tiny little problem with him though He is in fact not a he But, a she
You know who you are, The one that everyone said would be perfect for me The one who I sacrificed things for The one my family loved The one that I loved                               
Dear Home,   Every time, I march out the front doors of the airport, Gazing over the crowd of families, Tears trickle down my cheeks,
Can't keep a diary when there's no such thing as privacy It hurts Trapped in my body trapped in my head Who's keeping us together? Baby boy stops her from shattering
Dear Education,   You taught me to write in rhymed tercet And terza rima, by reading Dante’s Inferno A tale of a trail through Hell, quite dulcet.   But in the future, Dante’s story I will forego
Dear sylvia plath, kristen stewart, Josephine from my chemistry class, and every other girl I know, 
“You can’t buy love but you can pay heavily for it” -Henny Youngman   Two suitors raced to win their angel’s dain Like Lovesick puppies they came
Dear Makala, As we get closer to graduation I see the worry piling in your eyes. You claim that there is much to do. I always tell you the same thing,  
No, you will never know how many tears can fill this hole between you and me.   I can stack them into rain and they would still burn as a July heatwave of the land we come from.  
You speak the language of the trees and branches of the lungs you breathe. You feel rocks with your heart and you know the best how to reach thier peaks. You have no fears, and all their paths
Because I Love You, we are not perfect and that’s just perfect Dirty, mortal menaces we are Constantly staining our white cloths,
Do you remember when we could finally date? I do You gave me this pink paper ring I could tell you spent hours making it for me I cherished that ring as if it was worth thousands Because to me, it did
You deserve someone who looks at you and sees his entire world You deserve someone who looks at your flaws and rough edges and still loves you anyway
It is not a blizzard-y blizzard,It is a fiery fire.A love that lasts forever,Is a love that burns with desire. That is what I heard--But I have yet to seeWhat love truly doesTo you and me 
Oh, Darling, honey dear I will hold you near It’s quiet underneath the moon Let’s stay here until noon   Darling, honey dear
There is love in an ordinary day We learn from each other We argue and disagree But we find common ground Watching TV He flicks my earring Repeatedly I turn to him and demand him to stop
Love is what gives you protection and care In a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t have to be scared You feel a smile when both can connect Not sadness, anger, or thoughts of neglect
I can protect you from the world. Nothing is worthy of your presence; you are an angel among men.   I can take all of your pain. You are perfect.
A new branch has formed on my family tree... Because I love you.   You show me compassion even when we are upset... Because you love me.  
Because I love you, I will trust you I will make time for you I will let you pick the music
I have burned  all the pictures  that were a reminder  of the mistake of that was us   and I have shed the hurt and the pain that I was  saving for the next time we met  
There are some peopleWho do not believe in loveBecause the ones they lovedHave made them hate it.Because "I love you"Means somethingVery, very different to them.
I stayed. Because I loved him. I let him beat my brain and tear me apart. I took my dark marks, and made them into art. until one day, I finally ran away. Because I loved him. It was for the best.
It's not that, Cuyler, it's that   Being here with you is torture, but I push on Even when you make fun of me Causing my face to turn bright red And I wish I could say something, but I can't
She is darkness. Pain and danger and fear.            He is light. Help and safety and comfort. She is lost and broken.
I run from the room, the wing whipping my face and stinging my already red eyes. You never think it will end up wrong, you only feel it when you get there. I sit under the tree, and my stomach is sore from the sprint.
I love you almost enough. I changed my thoughts,  you changed my actions. You kept on growing,  but I lost my traction. You say you love me,  but only almost enough
If I were To tell you I love you, It would for sure Make my stomach whirl At the thought of A boy And A girl Lost and in love. Trust, Lust,
I Love to hear your voice I Love your laughter, and your songs I Love to see your happiness And I Love that you are strong   I Love that you love music
You’re my favorite work of art You’re my favorite melody You’re my favorite smell And taste And touch You mean the world to me   I promised not to hurt you Like others had before
The drawer squeaks as I open it up covered in cob webs and dust as I peer inside to see what it holds Pens and pencils, barely used too yet seem worn, so they're tossed the action seemed long overdue
What was once said to me ? Constantly to the ear, in whispers and sighs?
ChorusSticcs and stones and broken homes your curses are what hurt meYour heart is stone it breaks my soul your hatred is what birthed meYou drink my blood and drain my love and you always seem so thirstyYou act so high above us all you act like i
Once upon a time I would have said "no" but I wasn't in control, and I never was in control. Because when you pinned me down in the cold dungeon you call a bedroom, there was no escape.
The more I don't understand, the more I start to resent. I feel hatred overpowering the love in my soul. And my heart descends from red to black coal.
She woke up the night before Hair as soft as silk Smooth curves nicely served just for you She put her destiny in your arms before Yet You treated her like a whore
They love you for who you are, but sometimes words, they leave a scar. A scar so deep, you question who you are. like you've been hit by a car, over and over, and, you're the owner of the car, moving slower, slower.
I hate that I feel like we don't connect anymoreThat we no longer talk the same wayI long for the days when my heart was only yoursBut as of late I don't feel the same way
Remember the way... Soft lips, Cherry balm,
Feel the cold against your skin, The want of something warm to burrow in, Today wasn’t a good day, was it?   I know you want to hide,
God, I love you.
Why am I searching for loveWhen its apparent That love has never started searching for meWhy am I searching for loveIs it because I want itOr is it because that's what I think I want
I hesitated to be respirated Now I'm exasperated My thoughts an infection So I rested waiting For the right moment to strike So I could take a second To look back at my life See what it was and
Saturday morning again, and the bees are wanting to settle into our c-l-a-v-i-c-l-e-s.
The candle kid woke up at the light And went to sleep at the night  He was not too dim But not to bright But he tried his best to be a ray Of sunlight  And he was fine He was ok
"I don't want this moment  To ever end When everything is nothing  Without you"  Im scared  to admit it But i need your smile My world keeps on stopping  Without you
Heart Aching  Yearning    Hoping       Beatiful           Kind             Considerate                Wonderful
Why poetry? I guess it's for those rainy days when you've got sunshine in your heart. I guess it's for those sunny days when you've got thunderstorms in your head. Poetry is for giving yourself to someone else.
What is love ???? I am 19 and think hmmm what is love no one knows what love is to be honest
He is an apple With all the brilliance of summer’s ripe fruit, I would pick him
Swing low Struggle Struggle be the color of her neck, black with his grip, He don’t slip, this Rope
I am 9 and discovering poetry For the first time. "Hope is a thing with feathers," I read And imagine the words tripping off the page, plummeting, A baby bird pushed from the nest. The ground rises up to meet them
I've always read about how love feels. How it feels like your heart fills with fireworks. And how it's going to explode in any second. I want to experience that. 
They say LOVE conquers all. What I figured out is that love conquers all of you. Love consumes you, whole, chews you up,and spits you out. Love conquers all.    
Brace yourself Welcome help Armor up Enough’s enough Hope for the best Prepare for the worst Those are the words You used to calm me Down by the river Build a bridge
I was walking, alone down the road. Last time i was walking down this road it was with you. I'm listing to music, our song is on. Last time i listed to this song was the day we broke up. 
L - is for they way i thought you Loved me O - is for the way i Obviously fell in love with you in every single way.  V - is for the Valentines day gifts i bought you but never returned.
Since the day i was able to understand the real world, there has been this one man. He is always here. He never leaves. He is one of a kind. No one can replace him in my heart.
Who cares about you first love, it didnt last long They left you They lied to you They broke you. Give a big round of applause to your second love. They taught you that love still exist.
Not many people know this, not very many care... my favorite flowers are Tiger Lillies. My favorite berry is a blackberry, which you know.  I listen to most music, but yours is my favorite,
Strange pair you and I Playing like a couple of kids Chasing you around Your open coat flying behind you like a cape And when I catch up to you I'm pulled into a warm hug
I am secretely in love with a body who does not love me back. I yearn for that love and affection and wonder if he feels the same way.
I do not have low standards. You have no reason to tell me I do. He treats me better than anyone ever did you. He holds my hand, He makes me smile. He's awkward and goofy.
What can't I live without What I can't  breathe about  Breathe to the understanding of my own self What I can't  live without What i can't  eat without Eat without the comfort in my own shell
For if I had to wander on the sand for eternity, Id bring my lovely pendent with me. For even if it becomes ugly and impure, the heart it holds will always be dear.
In my heart In my hand I hold heart and give it to you When I close my eyes I see your face When I'm hurt You hold me close I look into your eyes I see our future I see our love
Love conquers all, Through thick and thin; You are my all It's a feeling deep within. I cannot live without you, Life would be hard to bear; If I had to pick one thing,
I smiled at him from across the cafeteria and then the gym, and he smiled back. Tall, dark, and handsome, but I knew that was not all.
We were both Oceans, deep vast and blue You didn't notice me, but all I saw was you I carved your name into the edge of the world Every thought of you creating a ripple in my pulse 
Release me from this cage that you have trapped me in and let me fly.   But when I attempt to leave heavy chains embrace me making it futile to try.   For to soar from the truth
You ask me what I can’t live without. Whether that be a person or an object of some sort. These are not easy questions to answer, but here it goes   Loving someone with such emotion is difficult.
This is for the people who have love, need love, want love, or have hearts that are breaking   Yes I do I believe that one day I will be Right there where I was  Right next to you  
He loved me to death  He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead  He held me in his arms and looked into my soul  He didn't like when they looked at me  He told me to look down 
HOW The fuck am I suppose to trust  When you take advantage of my kindness  When your ignorant soul is causing blindness  When you believe this is man hood  You living in a cliche  wake up! 
Sometimes I feel like, We are on the same page.. Sometimes I'm not so sure, I try to give rather than take... It's hard... But will get used to it!!   Wishing for the feelings to be reciproced,
The heart of the matter Matter of the heart Beating Pageant Bleeding To matter to you
I don't want him to go But I've got nothing to show I am angry and depressed But no crimes have I confessed There is no one I will trust
Six hundred years. Her eyes never catches his during this time period, never hears the sweet caress of his gentle voice. Six hundred years. Another passes as the sun sets for the sixth time.
Three Words. Divided in relevance, United in intent. Three Words. Seeking for answers, Longing for reply. Three Words. Yearning for truth, desiring full power.
My best friend My little sister My twin Big smiling, laughing, blue eyes My constant My Soul Mate      
Dear                 , You should know just how unplanned it all was.   I never meant to grow with you                      to befriend you                      to miss you
Five years ago he sat next to me, Great high school friends is what I thought we would be. Months later he became my best friend, And hours on the phone with him I wanted to spend.  
She and She   She and she Gently dream Of sun and peace Upon a different world So they pretend. Morning and night always turn around
Like you, i wait for the day when white petals cover your skin and black silk covers mine. Like you, i wait for the day when white doves fly and never separate in the sky.
You Light My Candle; You Guide My Feet. You Keep Me Warm; You Never Leave Me Be. You Break My Heart; You Destroy My Evidence. You Burn My Skin; You Mend My Wounds.
I lied. I lied that time I held your hand. I held on to the thought of someone like you but not exactly you.
I Love you.. more than you knowI Love you.. and I'll keep my vowI Love you.. and I'll supress my woe I Love you.. As a wholeI need you.. you're my soulI Love you.. and I'll carry out my role
I didn't love you normally, I love you, Like I am an artist that for you Can only draw a smiley face in fogged up glass I love you like cheesy romance movies and rainy days. 
The stars on your arms Reveal the heart You wear on your sleeve. For if every star is every wish Of which your heart was truly dreaming, Then the constellations upon your body
Love A term we all know In a large amount of variations With a multitude of connotations Love
Wish I could attack you With long kisses. Wish I could maul you With tight hugs. Wish I could smother you With my endless affection. Wish I could choke you Up with tears of joy.
Our love had a smell sweaty hands clasped together coffee on our lips curiousity on our fingertips hope in my heart silent tears danced around the room our love had a smell a smell called home
Love is... Beautiful like a summer sunset after a day at the lake. Bright like the stars in the sky. Colorful like a painting with anything you could ever dream.   Love is...
As I think of you for what seems like the millionth time, I feel the spark of my youth come back. It takes me back to the first time I ever smoke a joint. How wrong I felt but at the same time so free.
you say leave but you want me to stay what do you  mean you tell me you love me but you really hate me what do you  mean you tell me to turn right but you want to go left  what do you  mean
We have fought for centuries in blood, sweat and tears, And we will continue to do so these next few hundred years- If it means you will be safe my love, my dear.  
Would this ever be the successful love it use to beAnd if its meant to beThen I know the Lord will fill me in Its been a couple years of separationBeen thinking bout you now and then Crazy how you see me as a stranger now Giving me the cold should
I wish I could love you  But I don't ... I can't tell my heart who to love Sadly it already choose who it is, it chose the boy with the breath taking smile. 
I am a ghost shadowed by the moon, Howling out at the endless night, Getting covered in a gray mist of fleeting fog,
My collar's too tight, the room is too hot. I shuffle my feet, my stomach's in knots. Once I look up, I can breathe because I see There she is walking towards me   As she comes my way, passing pew by pew,
Will you remember me?  In a locket that you carry?  That encompasses your long dark hair?  Or in a picture that you stuck in your wallet and nearly forgot was there?  Will you remember me 
She. She is the female form perfected in a single body; the most beautiful woman a man could see
There's a pattern I see in my life There's a reason I get out of bed in the morning There's a reason to go through the day There's a reason to simply smile There's a pattern I see in my life
You've let me down once again. It's starting to get old. You said you would stay up, so we could talk on the phone. it's been a long day without you here. It's not my fault i want you near.
The leaves are changing colors from green to yellow and orange and red My candles are being lit up Sweaters find their way out of the closet and my heart finally feels warm
Verse 1   The new keys to my heart makes me wide open  Pass me the ball and we'll win a jackpot of tokens
Sometimes your heart is open before his is, sometimes you see something in him that he doesn’t see in you, sometimes you love him deep, and he loves you shallow, sometimes your hurt and he doesn’t care, sometimes he’s the one
I still remember your beautiful smile The way your teeth seemed to glow as our eyes met  I remember you  And nothing could ever change that  Because you are special 
Your memory  It's clear We used to talk oh so late at night My phone was over heated, and I pretended the warmth was your hand we went too fast What you said, what you did What I showed you,
Come visit me in my dreams one day You might as well be a world away Angel, Angel, why did you have to go I'll set the sky on fire just for you  see the flames and think of me I'll thing of you
I will never regret you, but I regret the choice I made I've done alI can do to forget you and let the memories fade I reminded myself of what I deserve and what I recieved
Dreams Joyful Pleasant Two of us Not alone, but not watched
I know now that you see no "we" This time atleast I'll expect where the wound might be Hurry, make it quick, so I might thread nerves,engage my flesh, and sew it up tight I may shriek and ache of pain
My heart was a tattered stuffed bear, everyone's favorite to play with it seemed. After they'd left their mark, a stain there, missing piece no longer here, a busted seam;
How do you love something  you can't see?
My soul sinks deep out like a ship, a sole shepherd without his sheep, silence of the lamb in friendship. Your absence's killing me softly!
today i imagine you alive again your green eyes chasing the world i imagine you–really alive again
With pain comes poetry  or is it the other way around Pain equals poetry I hang my hopes on a broken elm tree I was hoping to be free But all i've felt is weighed down You were right 
I still don’t know you but I want to, oh, I do 
Im a fool
They tell me I love to quick Because when I fall He's never there to catch me I just want somebody to care Somebody to fill my open wounds Stich me up and say they love me
I sat quietly outside idling by, when the image of a woman caught my eye. My eyes fixated on her dark orange dress with a skirt that went just past her knees; not such beauty has any man ever seen.
Never so potent a drug than the feeling of falling in love. I sit now in a state of melancholy that lies within; reminicing over what could have been.
So long has happiness has cursed my eye; watching couples and families happily go by.
I'm getting dolled up before I sleep cause I'm stepping out with him in my dreams tonight. I might not put on a dress just keep it simple cause our Honda looking real clean tonight.
Falling for a stupid boy never kept the lights on and food around, money never did me dirty as you did and half my money been all over the ground. I guess I can't expect too much anymore, that's how everybody make moves now.
Cats are love Cats are life. Cats are cute So don't give them the knife.
all i hear is fake silence. it's fake because I can hear the crickets outside, I can hear people's voices, I can hear myself breathing. I can also hear the nothingness that comes at night when I close my eyes.
Sometimes I'll catch myself in a thought about dizziness.
I stop, stare And look around me And what do I see But only the most Beautiful set of eyes Which sparkle And shine Brighter and brighter A most dazeling sight
I need someone Someone to need me Want me Love me I need someone To hold me close To their heart To hold me When I'm crying Love me When I feel hated I need someone
Love is demanding like an unforgiving god it forces you to pray head bowed low never seeing the face of mercy
Voice like a rhythmic tune that my heart puts on repeat. Eyes that stare at my flaws, to the point were I can't sleep. Hands so warm that my bones literally melt.
I am a complicated,  Tense ball of stress.  I walk around and see  People around me, chained to their Misgivings and hope.    But I want that, too.    I have been blind 
Yeah, I fell in love once. Thought he was a nice guy. Turned out to be sorry, so I moved on to the next guy. He wasn’t half bad. Didn’t treat me like he should, so I had to give him up.
I am as good as I once was. Though years have come to pass. I’ve learned how to be myself, Just with a bit more sass.
 We defend the men we love. He lies; but he tells the truth eventually by action or words.
every time when it was only us, you made me feel nervous and comfortable at the same time. we becane close a year before. i never knew what we were, we never had a label but it wasn't as simple as frienship.
The way her hair fell cascading down her shoulder  shimmering streaks of breathless beauty   Her smooth skin  flawlesss to the touch effortless essence of pure perfection  
  Missing Rib   Lover
I need bathe myself in the haunting echo of her presence. Let it be only I that stand beside her, shadowed by her illuminating spirit. Allow me to feast from the grounds which she hath passed.
You have no idea. You were it for me. My life was full of meaningless conversation, Empty collisions between my lips and a couple different strangers. You gave me a feeling ive only ever read about.
Joyce, you are so niceYour car kinda smells like riceYou drove to me from BoilingbrookAt first glance, my heart you tookYou have blue hair                       You live your life without a care
A giddy heart filled with moments and memories
There's a raging storm in my head. So much confusion, So many thoughts while laying in your bed. I keep myself from turning away, I'm trying to ignore these feelings, so i ask about your day.
I have never been the most wanted; the slim-figured prom queen who has left many boys brokenhearted. I haven't been brought flowers or teddy bears I can't fit through my door frame.
I'm scared of love Therefore I run away Like a serial lover
If I could tell you to stay with me now, Oh, with everything I am, were it true! The thing I ask you to tell me is, How to let you go when our life feels so new?   I know that this was not a big mistake.
You  You are someone  Gay , lesbian , straight , up to date  you are some one the skin your in doesn't define you're ten talking proper , shouldn't be a stopper  that doesn't define you 
I want to see you   Beyond those long limbs   Graceful hands   Slow gait   Sleepy smile   I want to see you   Beyond the curls at the nape of your neck
When you text me my great jumps a little, my face smiles and my eyes light upWhen you call me my heart races, my voice gets higher and my body shakes
I am  Passion running through my veins Something so powerful Nothing can explain   I am  A dreamer who thinks beyond the sky's limit Who measures time by experiences Not minute by minute
These slow songs are everything right now Cause you’re not saying anything right now  Leaving me to wonder hopelessly
You're my destruction I'm your broken glass There's no longer trust I'm lost in our past I'm trapped in your lies We no longer have to pretend Let this love die to become Ordinary Again
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
I lay awake many of nights thinking about a single line in one of the catchiest songs all time.
i didn’t know you were beautiful. i ignored the world you painted and the people you created and exchanged it all for what i heard you were. i set you aside for shallow satisfaction in cracked cisterns and wondered
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
These lyrics are the words of my hear
I love the essence of your beauty The way your confidence portrays in not by what you speak but by the way you walk You have an aura, yes this bright aura that captures me up & feels me with love
We had the perfect ending But yet a destructible beginning Me and you together we were what everybody imagined to be Truthfully we had enough energy to start World War III We masked our love with imperfections
This world is small when looking at the universe,
I gave you all I had, 
Every time he smiled He took me away, He told me I'd be okay.   He made me feel safe, When the skies were gray.   He whispered "don't worry angel."
This morning was a blur I got up, took care of my animals, then cleaned my chores Same routine, every morning Nothing seems to change Then there's him That guy I wait for everyday
I sought out love and in you I found, my muse, my inspiration, that one thing that keeps me going. Is passion this deep and desire profound? If you only had a hand to wear the ring.  
The night we met, You asked to show me a magic trick. I watched on as you fumbled with the box, becuase I'm sure you thought you were being slick.   You asked me to shuffle the deck,
  I am like the color gray. I haven't always been in style. But pairing me with vibrant colors Has been around a little while.   When I am added to another, They sometimes call it modern chic.
Red, the burning in your cheeks as you drive to your first date with her: ice cream eaten in a red cup, your treat. Orange, the spirit of the prideful school campus where you timidly closed in for your first hug with her.
They say that stars are holes In heaven's golden floors But if holes are stars Than what can be the door?   Are the doors the empty         space Between what's right and wrong?
God you drive me crazy, With your sly sarcastic wit. I roll my eyes and try to roll with the punches, And you and I… We just seem to fit. We don’t agree on everything, But what fun would that be?
Recall the days, not long ago, When you were but a pup, And all the world was marvelous, Nowhere to grow but up.   With each new dawn came new delights, To learn, to act, to feel;
This heart , this mind and this body all are held to the standard from the outside.  I am nothing my outside shows...the thickness of my thighs and stomach give no indication to the person I truly am. 
There was a time that we both let go, Only to find that we'd come crawling back to one another, I had done something horrible yet you still decided to rise to the occasion and love me to the fullest anyway,
I will forever love even when skys get rough you may think your 1 of 1,0000 but think again cause you had my heart the moment you said "hello<3
Im only human a kid but i still try and never give up even though i fall i stand taller than before.
Took my first breath of air on Thursday, May 12th, 1994 at 12:26 p.m.  
Little Smile Dimpled Cheek Seeing You Will always make my week Short Hair Happy Ways Playing with you,Helps me realize Everything will be okay. My little sister
I want to be consumed by the things your mouth doesn't speak of.
                                                                               Stars of Solace It has always intrigued me that you found solace in the stars, To become wonderfully lost in the peaceful bliss of the universe,
It was and is and always will be about IT.
Darkness covers the Earth. The horizon, no longer visible.
when you smile 
You make me feel... No wait. Ever since the first day... No that's too cliche. Do you have any idea how nerve-wrecking this is? For someone like me, Someone that always knows what to say,
Love is a cruel thing, yet is can bring us the most in life. Love can bring us pain,
If love was a cliff, I'd be hanging on tight, Dangling on the edge.
I live each day as if im falling I feel as if my heart was torn out You hurt me    You promised me you would always be there  You were never there
If I could tell you how I feel, Do you thing I'd be here right now? If I could tell you I love you, Do you think I'd be scared right now?
Forever and always, I will stand by you.
There are certain things in life that make you feel, absolutely, positively, and completely surreal. Those moments when you hold the ones dearest in your arms, and realize that you're not in harm.  
Have you ever been in love before like crazy in love
Shots.... single consecutive shots... like an execution to my blood stream. Placed against a wall of false hopes and convicted by the mistakes my tongue makes when drinking your poison.
I almost made you love me....almost.I almost made you believe I was perfect...I almost made you believe that the suit cases I've been dragging aren't filled with all my baggage and I almost had you help me carry the weight.
I love all the little things about you,  And all the crazy things you do, I love the way you look at me, with your beautiful eyes just as perfect as can be, I love the way our hands fit together,
what you loved was all in shambles, and then you came along with the tape and the string, and made a collage of all the bitter pieces.
Don't fall in love with me, Out here in the rain  When we kiss and listen to the storm, I know you're close, When I reached for the stars I was reaching for your eyes,
I look at you and you look at me  I kiss you and you kiss me. Could this be? I found someone who actually cares about me?  No money, no games, and no tears. 
Before you I wrote tradgeties  A tail of woe, that ended with the downfall of the main character   While I loved you  I wrote happily ever after
A wave, one word, two syllables: a melancholy taste left upon my tongue. A hug, one word, two syllables: a flashback of all the memories that were fun. A kiss, three words,
The love of the past has been dead and gone.The wounds on her heart have finally sealed.She is no longer trapped and carries on.
By jessiah Smith 
By: Jessiah Smith
Sometimes losing yourself in the sea of words you just can't seem to put together, ends up drowning you just enough until you come up for that last breath of air
To any other person around, You are just another face, lost in the crowd. You are shy, out of the way, immemorable.    To me, You are the bright light in the sky Guiding me through the dreary sea.
I am enamoured-–no smitten—by you, But I am fearful, For I know not what lies ahead, For this is a new road that I have not yet begun to travel, And I am ill-prepared for such a journey.
Oh special ones,Love is pain like rove,The chandelle's shatter in clatter,Crackling agony in rack,Love is fear with sheer warmth,Wrapped with eternal beauty inside and out,The fishes sway with rhythme,
I remember those days of sitting in the park writing down my cheesy love songs.Seeing creative minds stroll by,in fact once this mind read over my shoulder and saw my lyrics.
My promise to you Is to always be true, To hold you so dear, To make our love clear.
Often times I wonder, Why we act, react, act, and repeat. I grew up in a house that says no to discrimination, I grew up in a society that says yes. I grew up in a church that says to love everyone,
Don’t find someone to love you, Find someone to help you live. Find someone who makes your eyes light up, Someone who gives you butterflies. Find that one that you connect on levels you didn’t know was possible.
be my king be a theif, take me away from pain and misery be my muse; write me a love song   hold my hand walk with me through the thorns of roses towards undying sunshine
Through the cracks I fall, Waiting for the moment of certainty, So I can grab a handhold and regain stability.
      Beautiful breakup Pardon your make up but I can't make this face up you stare into my soul hoping for me to console  You The one who destroyed me
"Ah! When dost all see the moon at night, The Sweet moon, that leaves so serene a sight, And, the moon disappearing away is our plight, And our dream will reach there, from whichever height."  
Oh! What beauty maketh thee, A beauty enclosed within the very walls of thy body, A beauty painted white in God's oven,  A beauty blushing forth, in the reddening blood,
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