I cannot stay

Don't fall in love with me,
Out here in the rain 
When we kiss and listen to the storm,
I know you're close,
When I reached for the stars I was reaching for your eyes,
But don't fall in love with me,
When our eyes are locked and the world seems to float away,
eternity passed in one second, 
But youth only lasts a while,
And I can hear the footsteps of death slowly creeping in my direction,
Coming to take away the dreams of my child hood,
I love this moment and I love being with you,
I love the way you look at me and smile, 
I love the way you haunt my thoughts,
But I'm scared,
Scared of regret, 
Scared of changing my plans,
Plans of adventure,
Dreams of far away places and untold secrets,
Memories of the future so I can look back and be satisfied with my life,
I constantly think about the things that could be stolen if I stay,
So don't fall in love with me, because I cannot stay,
Not yet,


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