I look at you and you look at me 

I kiss you and you kiss me.

Could this be? I found someone who

actually cares about me? 

No money, no games, and no tears. 

I sit here and think of all the good things that we will become.

The kindness of your heart explains it all I think you are the 

one. When I am scared you are there waiting to fight off my fears, I

know when I cry you will be there to catch my tears. Don't let me fall, no don't let me 

fall. Then it all goes dark, a dream I tell you a dream it was all a dream. Those lips,

those eyes, and that smile that gotdamn smile. 

If I could've only done more to save you, if  I could've held you one more time

that's all I needed. I wish you were still mine but I know that as you look down you 

think of me. I know as you look down you're protecting me. 

I thank you for the love I recieved the hugs and kisses I held against my body

those, those my love was the good old days. 



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