Thu, 10/22/2015 - 12:02 -- Kae.D


She is the female form perfected in a single body; the most beautiful woman a man could see

Purple like royalty the words I write must be

Aphrodite looks down in jealousy at the form which has bestowed itself upon thee.

An aphrodisiac in the flesh is what you must be

But not only for body, but for mind do I desire you; a wit beyond compare and a knowledge beyond your years too.

You walk ignorant of the trends that run rampant among your peers.

Not high waist shorts, nor torn jeans do you wear, but a gorgeous dress that compliments your hair.

An enigma to most but a treasure to some; not on a thousand lifetimes could someone like her come.

Your eyes I remember the most, and your smile, oh Lord that smile!

They bring joy to my soul, even if only for a while

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Our world



flow is really nice, seems to be a lot of emotion behind this one 

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