Loving Aspergers

I didn't love you normally,

I love you,

Like I am an artist that for you

Can only draw a smiley face in fogged up glass

I love you like cheesy romance movies and rainy days. 

I realized I loved you even more                             

When you asked if we could stop by a grocery store

And pick up some chocolate for your grandma.

You don’t believe me when I say you’re perfect to me,

And I call you a liar every single time you call me beautiful

And you laugh,

Saying that you’d never lie about something so important

You are amazing, like that first snowflake you catch on your tongue,

Like that first time you hear the words, 'I do truly love you.'

Sometimes, when it’s dark and cold outside

And I want to stay in bed and cuddle

I think of you, and think of burying my face in your chest and hiding there forever,

Then, I remember when you told me that you don't like human contact,

And I am abruptly reminded of it

When I try to hold your hand at the movies and you ignore it.

I love you,

I love the way I can never tell what color your eyes are

Or that you hate shaving so you always have stubble

I love that when I told you I wanted to have a pet alligator

You said we would have to build a moat.

You’re so smart, like the time you got frustrated

During a superhero movie

When they totally disregarded the rules of nature and you said,

‘Oh, so we’re just going to say screw it to physics right?’

You make me feel stupid,

When you talk.

Like the time you tried to explain to quantum physics to me, during a date

You once found out how much peanut butter would

Mathematically fit into my room for fun,

But you amaze me,

How your mind works in so many different ways,

And I said that to you once.

You replied ‘but I’m always thinking about you’

That was 2 months ago, and after no contact,

I guess the girl you always thought about was forgotten.

I don't think,

You ever loved me normally. 

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