Love Letter

You make me feel...

No wait.

Ever since the first day...

No that's too cliche.

Do you have any idea how nerve-wrecking this is?

For someone like me,

Someone that always knows what to say,

To just be speechless?

This never happens,

 I don't say much out loud,

But in my mind I do but,

I can't even think with you around!


It's crazy,

You just come out of nowhere,

Out of the blue,

Making me nervous and changing my points of view,

Of life and love,

And loving life.

How could you do this to me?

Who gave you that right?


Who sent you to come out here?

To make me smile and laugh,

To tell me stories and cry with me,

To give me this feeling,

To make me...



I won't say it!

I refuse to admit it!

I cannot confess it.

At least...

Not out loud.

Because if I do,

You'll have a hold on me,

You'll know my amount of vulnerability.


I can't afford this.

I know you want me to say it back but I just can't!

Lower your hopes!

Bury your dreams!

I'm not stupid and this isn't what it seems!


I WON'T say I'm in Love.


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