The Key to Freedom

I’ll never leave the fantasy of

The life I’ve always wanted:

A bird become free, as I can see;

Yet is a world never imparted.


The awe-some powers that own this world

Treat it like dust left haphazardly.

As I can see, a bird become free

Has now been caged ignorantly.


Why do they treat us, us with a dream,

Like the wrongful disobedient

Bird become free. As far I can see,

We are termed their ingredient.


They dictate, they control, us.

We must escape this torturous plan,

As I can see. A bird become free,

In finality, will find his clan.


We seemed eternally silenced

By their beratings and abusing.

A bird become free, as I can see,

Is what we have sought to be.


Now we have the opportunity

To either race away from our cage or,

As I can see, like a bird become free,

Face its captor to destroy its cage.


Together, we will expound

In equality and freedom like

A bird become free. As I can see,

We can become what we want: the key.


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Our world
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