United States

Darkness covers the Earth.

The horizon, no longer visible.

Silence before the painful blow ensues.

Animals long gone.


The darkness turns into a swirl of debris,

As the summer breeze is muted by the sound of a train.

A train,

Blasting through your house,

Smashing your materialistic endeavors.


All that is left is the foundation.

The foundation of your new dreams.

The foundation that exemplifies your soul.


Sun shines upon the clearing.

People gather from all around,

Families and friends hold one another so close,

They are reassured that the heart lives on.


Beloved pets, lost for days,

Come running from beneath the rubble.


The television, CD's, computers, they're all forgotten.

All that matters is family and friends.

The communities build one another up with a new, stronger foundation.

The high school, a place of learning,

And now, a place of shelter.

One building, standing in the rubble,

A beacon of hope continues on.


The town is dead, but the heart and soul is alive.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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