What are Stars?

They say that stars are holes

In heaven's golden floors

But if holes are stars

Than what can be the door?


Are the doors the empty         space

Between what's right and wrong?

Is it the invisble barrier

Which may seem quite long?


What if opening the door is difficult

And you need some help?

Will angels help you turn the key

Or guide you to see well?


Or will they just stand and gawk

Leaving you in different hands

Because they figure they shouldn't change

The will of an unknown land?


Then what can be leak

In the ceiling up above?

Can it be a leak of integrity or maybe even Love?

For us mortals the leak is rain,

But look at the bigger picture.

Maybe it is something much more dire

Such as a dripping lecture.


To tell us we should fix the leak

That's ruining our lives

That we shouln't just fix what's outside,

But also what's inside.


They say that stars are holes

In heavens golden floors,

But then if holes are stars

Than what can be the doors?








This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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