Still I Dance

As you held my hand and spun me in circles

I can see all your tricks

Still I danced

As you pulled me closer I looked in your eyes

and saw pain

Still I danced

As you whispered in my ears

every little lie was a melody

Still I danced

And although you felt the need to hold me so right

wrapping your hands ever so tightly

Around my waist

Feeling every last inch of me

Still I danced

You saw my flaws

with every step we took.

You saw all my mistakes with every song that played as if it was a recorded

I loved you.

But you didn't love me.

Still I danced

See I should've have known feelings as if there was a catch

This was just to good to be true

Waiting around like a puppy waiting to get picked up

And loved.

Still I danced;

You left me on october 28

Because I wouldn't give you what you wanted

I wouldn't give it all up for a boy.

I was no longer happy I was  

so hurt and so broken

still I danced

Because you know you can hurt me and break me

but you will never take away something I've had

for a long time

That is respect.

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