What's Love and What is Hate

Love is what gives you protection and care

In a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t have to be scared

You feel a smile when both can connect

Not sadness, anger, or thoughts of neglect

A healthy relation is what many seek

And to find this the partners must speak

It often carries trust with no sense of alarm,

But a toxic relationship is what sends you harm.

You can speak your mind with no need to halt

In a healthy relation you won’t find assault.

A healthy connection wouldn’t need much inspection

A toxic connection would warrant rejection

You wouldn’t find much respect or praise,

You would find anger and insults as the relation degrades.

My life has been promoted because of healthy relations that kept my spirits high

They’ve kept me afloat and eager to try

It is important to show kindness, praise, and a deep regard,

That is what makes a relation shine like a star.


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Our world


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