He and I

There is love in an ordinary day

We learn from each other

We argue and disagree

But we find common ground

Watching TV

He flicks my earring


I turn to him and demand him to stop

But he looks at me with a smirk on his face

And says

It’s because I love you

And continues to flick my earring

While South Park drawls in the background


summer vacation

I went to a camp in the woods and

I missed him dearly

The cabin that looked like a tool shed

In the smoldering light of dusk

Caved in on me

I felt


Longing for home

I called him and he came

From over an hour away

To hug me and tell me

To get over


I asked him

Why he would say that and he told me

It’s because I love you

Even though he is tough on me

He gives me support

And makes me feel safe

The late nights I struggle with my homework

He will teach himself then

Teach it to me

The times I sob because I

Am terrified of our father

He lets me stay in his room

He is my brother

And I love him

This poem is about: 
My family
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