6 Years

Do you remember when we could finally date?

I do

You gave me this pink paper ring

I could tell you spent hours making it for me

I cherished that ring as if it was worth thousands

Because to me, it did


I regret breaking up with you

Did you know that?

Why was I so afraid?

That fear still haunts me today


But my god,

6 years

It took us 6 years to kiss

I loved that night


I was nervous too

Did you know that?

There was so much I wish I said that night

But my fear stopped me


Every night I’ve seen you

Fear stops me


It has much control over me

It’s like this black creature

Corrupting me

It’s hand snakes around my neck while the other covers my mouth

And all I can do is watch


Watch you walk away

Fill your drink so you can forget your own miseries

I want to comfort you

Tell you how I feel

Be there for you

But fear has a stronger hold


6 years

It’s been too long

I need to fight this fear because I don’t know when I’ll get another chance

I can’t let you walk away next time

Even if I don’t know how you feel


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