Dear Crush

Dear crush,

Thank you for existing

Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.

Thank you for making me so delusional, imagining scenarios that will probably never happen


Dear crush,

Thank you for being so nice

Thank you for reminding me that beauty isn’t everything in 1st period today which was supposed to make me feel better but instead made me realize … that you just don’t think I’m beautiful

Thank you for telling me I have great humor… even though my humor consists of self-degrading jokes and sometimes my humor is me falling to the ground and you watching, laughing, and inevitably walking away

It’s funny how the ones I care most about don’t even attempt to notice my existence.


Dear crush

Thank you for making me a mute, uncoordinated, anxious mess

Isn’t just weird that my greatest insecurities magnify themselves by 400x magnification when I’m around you

As if the world is just against me ever being the girl I know you want

“Be yourself” my friends say as they go to their crush and act like a completely different person.


Dear crush

a Thank you for making me the greatest at one-sided hide and seek

Finding you is so easy and hiding from you is the equivalent of breathing

To be fair… you never try to even look for me

Stuck waiting for Mario to come to save me... but he’s forever stuck in world 1-1

Dear crush,

Thank you so so much for making me feel like Andy’s toys in Toy Story 3

Like an unwanted toy thrown away for 6 years

Waiting for a call to come play but is left forgotten    


Dear Crush,

Although you give me butterflies

Although you make me the happiest I’ve ever been

Although you give me a reason to live

I must say thank you for forgetting me.

Without me in your mind there is no possible way you can point out my flaws

At least in your mind I won’t clawed out

To be fair you never think of me anyway…

Dear Crush,

Thank you for crushing me down to the lowest form of self-esteem known to man

After all… isn’t that why they call it a crush…


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