You're Something, That is For Sure.

The night we met,

You asked to show me a magic trick.

I watched on as you fumbled with the box,

becuase I'm sure you thought you were being slick.


You asked me to shuffle the deck,

And at this you offered up your bet.

You told me if I couldn't dissect your trick,

That I would then be in your debt.


What you wanted was a kiss,

Of which I was not sure I wanted to give you.

But you were impressively terrible at Magic,

so I decided that kiss you is what I would do.


nope Nope NOPE. Never again.

At least that's what I told myself at the end of the night.

I wouldn't have believed a word you said

If about us now, you had told me outright.


I hated that party,

I had a miserable time.

But from that AWFUL experience,

I found myself a dime.


Because there hasn't been a day that you haven't made me smile.

10/10 would continue dating.

Out of all of the frogs I've kissed,

You're definitely the most berating.


But I really like that.

You're the prince who likes to banter.

As exciting as wild animal,

And just about as smooth as its canter.


So not vary, but I'm just trying to say something nice,

Of which I have prepared a whole slough.

But I guess the simplest way to say it is

I love you.

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