Stars of Solace

                                                                               Stars of Solace

It has always intrigued me that you found solace in the stars,

To become wonderfully lost in the peaceful bliss of the universe,

To escape the harsh realities of the modern world,

And become ignorant to the destruction within you,                                                                                           

. . . The stars . . .

Millions and millions of miles away,                                                                                                                     

Away from the pain,

The discomfort, deception and lies.

Millions upon millions of miles away from the sadness,                                                                                      

 . . . and the lonesome within.                                                                                                                                

So far away that their light has already burnt out,

Yet . . . Somehow continues to shine as your beacon of hope,        

In fact.

The stars are so far away. . .

They seem to be right next to you!

Almost as if you could, ‘connect’ with them on a personal level,

Their never ending light continuously illuminating the strength that at times you

lose within yourself.

Ultimately allowing you to rise up and continue on another day.

And that today I learn from you…

As you continue on to receive solace in the stars, I figure that I too can gain  such solace by adding a partial representation of my happiness into the sky … not only to gaze upon for all of time… But as a symbol! Representing the fact that ‘distance’… is merely a measurement. A measurement without the power to break bonds, but simply existing

~ existing as something for the head to understand & the heart to feel~

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