Piercing Rose

I know now that you see no "we"

This time atleast I'll expect where the wound might be

Hurry, make it quick, so I might thread nerves,engage my flesh, and sew it up tight

I may shriek and ache of pain

But atleast I won't bleed all night


My heart pulses of dried black sillouette tar

Right here, make this your target

Right beside this bulging scar


Hit me quick

I've thought of all this and now I'm expecting it

Everyday I wonder when you'll release the blade your hand shrivels and grips so firm

Sweetheart I've known you've had it out this long term


It's not your fault you can't love a chained heart trapped from wall to wall

Now please, do hurry, I'm afraid I'd begin to fall

Many times before I was blinded and jabbed by words so passionate

In the end, alone, it was me who was compassionate


Why are you so pleased to watch me suffer, I beg of you to be humane


What do you mean you'll stay here in my acitic rain?

You can see past my antagonizing insanity?

Even if you get caught up in my chaotic calamity?

No, I was wrong...you caught me off guard

tearing me slowly shard by shard


For now I see you watch me bleed

I swore it was a rose I had seen

You waited til my walls had come down

Out of all the murderers lurking my mind you take the crown


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