The forms of love

I can protect you from the world.

Nothing is worthy of your presence;

you are an angel among men.  

I can take all of your pain.

You are perfect.




Because I love you,

You shouldn’t wear that tonight.

You should stop talking so much;

you are intimidating.

Alone is now a two player game;

we are in this together.

In my eyes, you are perfect,

but only with my advice.


Love is a monster.

A monster that gnashes its teeth.

A monster that roars and destroys.

Love is a thought.

A thought that goes with the flow.

A thought that seeps into minds.

Love is a ghost.

A ghost which is unseen, but felt.

A ghost which can be nurtured or ignored.

Love has strength,

strength to crush armies

or to raise cities from ashes.  

Love is not an object to attain.

Love is comfortability.

Love is a sense of belonging.


I can’t protect you from the world.

You aren’t someone special;

many people are just like you

I can’t prevent pain from entering your life.

You aren’t perfect.




Because I love you,

I will always be there for you.

You are special in my world;

you brighten all of my days.

I will help ease your pain,

from a pinprick to a broken heart.

In my eyes, you are perfect,

imperfections and all.  

This poem is about: 
Our world


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