I stare at my feet while i think of you
my breath creating my own tobaccoless cloud in front of me
I think of the way you say "I love you"
I think about the way I grin as you answer the phone
a crackling of the line and I hear your voice
and I want to hear that same hello after the crackling of leaves on the ground on cool autumn days
My breath hits the air and I think of the way your breath hits mine
lips pressed and fingers intertwined
I think of the way you look at me like I'm every dream you've ever made
I stare at my shoes and I smile
you love me so
and I remember a saying from a poem I read
how people date like they're trying on shoes.
And I guess the writer is right,
we try on so many in our lives
we wear and tear them until they give out, then we buy a new pair to replace the old
I look at the holes in my shoes and shake my head
People try on too many people...
we change lovers like pairs of shoes trying to find the right ones,
and so many people throw out good shoes just to see themselves in a different pair
sometimes people find a favorite that they never take off, that they love and keep forever
I never want to try on people like I try on shoes...
besides, no matter how many pairs of shoes I've gotten I still absent mindedly slip on
my worn out vans with holes in them
I've worn them through so many adventures and stare at them when I think of you
I never want to give them up
I think of you when I go on adventures without you and when I sing in the shower
I think of you when Im drinking a cup of coffee in the mornings that you're not there
On nights that Im alone I think of you sleeping right beside me
I look at my shoes and I ponder things about "shoes and love"
I scroll through the pictures of us on my phone and then slip the phone back into my pocket
walking down the street absent mindedly until I end up at your door step
and when I see you there smile on your lips, and a bowl of my favorite chips
I giggle and I lose my thoughts for a second, because I don't know how someone could make my heart feel this way
regardless of people or available lovers I'm always looking at you
listening to your heart beat and the way you snore
I rub my fingers across yours, attempting to memorize how they feel
I don't care about the people who doubt or the fact that we'll fight
I just want to keep you with me on all of my adventures forever
I stare at my feet and smile
and suddenly it hits me... you are my favorite pair of shoes


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