I Am the Only One

Wed, 10/14/2015 - 18:20 -- bbell13

Verse 1


The new keys to my heart makes me wide open 

Pass me the ball and we'll win a jackpot of tokens

Soak in all your lover, got my brother and mother 

Like a big, ol' family, wishin' of picnics and pictures

So let's be One, there ain't no blur

We make contact with contacts in. this context 

Let's pray and play every day so there's a not lonely 

Hour, so the fallen apples aren't sour


Verse 2

You and me we made a vow 

For better or for worse 

I can't believe you kept me on the ground

But this blessing is not a curse

For months on end I had my hope

Loving every phrase 

I wish this would never end

And I know that I need you here


Verse 3

You say I'm amazin'

Because you think that I am the Sun

And when you call me baby

I know I am the only one


Verse 4

You have been so lovable

Now I know why

Your heart is so acceptable

The Lord knows it's quite kind


Verse 5

We all longing for the same thing

If you ask God, man was not made to be King without a Queen

To him, she is no lesser therefore I'll bless her

A cup of red wine, steak and candles does not severe

My God says that we are love

Jesus said He is our life and to live is to love, you're in this with me 

Till death do us part, united for eternity 

So it don't worry me, bury me with yourself baby

This poem is about: 
My family


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