Grey Hope

These slow songs are everything right now

Cause you’re not saying anything right now

 Leaving me to wonder hopelessly

As my thoughts fly to the clouds about how?

 As there another girl out there?

 Is she the one you go to to compare?

Whether or not I’m good enough to be your girl out there


 Where it’s clear

 And everyone can see

If you kiss me if you dis me

 The make ups and breakups between the sheets

When you’re lying

When the love is dying boy is you trying…


 Because how much longer of a secret will I be?

 On and off for three years

 But I still don't trust you when you say love me

Cause in the hallways you dub me

 And yea my statuses that’s a sub b

 And your excuse is you never saw me

 But the problem is you never flaunt me

 You deny me


Boy you trying me

 But I’m finding you

I only stay because

I’m hoping there’s a good boy behind these 50 shades of grey

 And maybe every bad boy needs a good girl willingGrey to stay

So I stay

And wait for you to say

 That I’ve become the man I am today

 Because you never gave up on me



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