I wish I've never meet the boy...

I wish I could love you 

But I don't ...

I can't tell my heart who to love

Sadly it already choose who it is,

it chose the boy with the breath taking smile. 

And I wish with all my might that it wasn't so. 

I wish that I loved you instead

I wish that I've never meet the boy with the unique personality 

The boy who makes the cutest face expressions,

which are hilarious,

The boy with the mysterious eyes,

The boy who stares at you because he know it

makes you uncomfortable and then will laugh about it. 


Who will play fight with you. 

Who will make you laugh with out trying. 

Who is completely honest with you and will go

through with his promises,

And who's glance will make your heart flutter,

Who is responsible for your instant mood swings. 

One text from him can make your whole day 

But not talking to him can make your heart ache 

It's drives you insane, 

this feeling it's so strong,

too strong.

I want it gone but at the same time I love it. 


I just wish that I didn't feel this way

I wish things were different between me and him. 

I wish things were different between you and me,

I'm sorry I can't love you 


My heart already belongs to him even if he doesn't know. 



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