love of my life, this is my drunken thank you.

There was a time that we both let go,

Only to find that we'd come crawling back to one another,

I had done something horrible yet you still decided to rise to the occasion and love me to the fullest anyway,

you accepted me and everything that i was,

it was never a forceful push to make me succeed,

never something that felt rushed,

it was trust being built over the 2 going on 3  years that i've known you,

love being built in a time so detremental to me,

you were there,

life was messy for the both of us in the beginning,

you had your addiction and I had my own.

I never expected for something to blossom without ending in a time so long to me....

here we are 2 years deep,

you turned me around in ways that I can't explain,

there are things that I can't recall why I even enjoyed in the first place,

you've shown me a new life,

one that i can find happiness within,

I feel like you have allowed me to express where i have been oppressed,

you've lifted me out of the depths and brought me to a change that i could never tell you that i love you enough.

like a bridge dry rotting and then be replaced with new boards you have replaced the fatality in me.

I was once an individual on the pure path to destruction and self hatred.

now i am a few steps closer towards the path toward success and loving myself as well as you to the fullest.


this is my thank you for all that you are and every moment that i have with you.

you're the love of my life and without you i wouldnt have hope,

without you i feel that i would be in ruins.


This poem is about: 
My family


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