Red, the burning in your cheeks as you drive to your first date with her: ice cream eaten in a red cup, your treat.

Orange, the spirit of the prideful school campus where you timidly closed in for your first hug with her.

Yellow, the warmth you feel as her rests perfectly on your chest, her arms snaked around your waist.

Green, the shirt that makes its way through the rotation more often than any other, because despite its worn appearance, you know it's her favorite one that you wear.

Blue, the baseball team she wants to take you to see, and you begrudgingly accept, if only to see the smile on her face.

Purple, the dress she wore on stage when her eyes nervously darted around the theater, only to land on you and find comfort in your presence.

Pink, the flush in her cheeks when she confesses that she was not yet ready to return your 'I love you,' and the same flush a month later when she finally did.

White, the top she wore when she became your girlfriend, the night you pulled her into your arms and eased her until she fell asleep.

Brown, the hair that falls in your face when she leans over to kiss you.

Black, the nights you sacrifice to stay up with her when her anxiety hits and you are the only one that can make her better.

Gray, the way she caresses your head in her lap after you are overcome with an emotion that confuses you.

Hazel, the eyes that light up when they see you, shoot you signals, and wordlessly communicate to you that she will never lose her passion for being together.

This poem is about: 
My family


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