Ignorance Is Bliss by: Jaay Dee Kayy

There's a saying around, saying ignorance is bliss,

I didn't know he would hurt me, so ignorance has a twist;

A twisted plot to come and kill me and to leave me with a kiss,

Like a sickly twisted knot, you kill and slit your wrists;

Mental murder is a crime, yet the case is dismissed,

If he hurts me one more time, he gon really flip a switch,

A part of me I tried to hide, a part of me I will insist,

Is not really holy, he gon be holey, floating Swiss;

I'm on a flight to Sweden, where I can really end this,

Sweden sweeten the offer, now I'm flingin' them bricks,

Across the sea, he tried to flee, but my shots don't miss,

So think about this the next time you say ignorance is bliss.





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