Tue, 07/21/2015 - 16:24 -- Patrick

I want to be consumed by the things your mouth doesn't speak of.

Words that your eyes speak when your voice doesn't.

The real you. The real you behing the makeup.

I want to be real , tell me when I make you mad, 

Tell me when you are sick,

Let me be your caretaker,

and i promise to nurture you well.

Tell me your nightmares like a little kid,

let me cover and hold you tight with my arms.

Don't hide any scars, if you feel bad at anything, tell me my love,

Am always at your service my queen.

i want to know your likes and dislikes,

i want to know everything that makes you unique,

your laughter, your cry, your smile, the freckles on your pretty face,

your hair, the sweet scent of you, the eyes, the lips, everything about you.

I want to be able to describe you miles away.

I want to know what you crave so much,

I want to know what you hate,

I want to know what you scared of,

I want to know what you love,

I just wanna know the real you.



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