Lost In Silence

My soul sinks deep out like a ship,
a sole shepherd without his sheep,
silence of the lamb in friendship.
Your absence's killing me softly!

Gang gang to bang bang! SOS:
Save Or Shoot, save me.
I can still hear you calling me
everyday I pray for u and me.

Strong enough to take the heat
but why should I live without u
when u bring the sunshine with u,
even if I ain't gonna be with u.

What's love gotta do with it?
When we're friends and best at it.
We cave in the audacity of hope
to Hide Our Pain Everyday.
Though I'd survive in any way
and I would not cry by the way,
I wish you'd change your way
back to the real you, my best friend.

I miss my friend, my best friend,
not just a friend, MY best friend!

Let me find
And hold you
My best friend!
Allow me to say if:
Tomorrow never finds us,
Old age never graces us,
Until life do sadly part us
My heart would go on for us
Always 'til God rest both of us!"


(Written in February, 2014 reflecting on the allusions and betrayals in friendship.)

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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