You say just friends

And I've been thinkin that too

So why am I sittin here crying

I'm feelin so blue

We tried to make it work out

I was doing everything I could do

But not everything is a clear pathway through


I was really hoping we'd work out

But some people are just better off alone

I need to just get over it and not pout

I overthought us, sadly that's just what I do

Us actually working? I always had doubt

We're going down a new path that we've never trekked

I hope we make it because you, I cannot go without


I'm sorry I assumed

I know I fucked up

But you have to understand I have a wound

I've been in hurt in the past and you have too

We need time to heal, we have not bloomed

So maybe somewhere along the pathway we can heal and help each other

For now we aren't completely doomed


In my dreams I just wanna say I love you

But I always wake up before I can

Is it my brain saying we aren't gonna make it through?

Through the rugged path I hope we find closure and cope

I can see us making it that much is true

But I'm not a fortune teller

Oh what am I gonna do?



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