Body of Influence

This heart , this mind and this body all are held to the standard from the outside. 

I am nothing my outside shows...the thickness of my thighs and stomach give no indication to the person I truly am. 

For society and the people of this world have given in to everything beauty, everything perfect , everything must be just the right size and just the right amount to be good enough. 

But thinking about it carefully now, this body of mine is awesome. This body of mine allows me to climb mountains , my lungs allow me to laugh and cry and rejoice. This body stands I n two strong thick pillars , like stilts I carry myself above this tranced crowd. I am walking the other way because this body is awesome and it will see the light of day when a fuller body is a healthy body , when skinny bodies and fuller bodies are seen both as equal and that with our bodies we can produce awesome things and awesome outcomes . This, is to our bodies. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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