I almost made you love me....almost.I almost made you believe I was perfect...I almost made you believe that the suit cases I've been dragging aren't filled with all my baggage and I almost had you help me carry the weight. I almost had you believe this mask was really my face and that no matter what at the end of the day I'll be the same. But I'm only almost. Because I've been broken into a hundred pieces, almost into a million, almost shattered by the almost loves I've ever had. I almost made you believe that staring into my eyes was like looking at a galaxy full of stars and that I breathes forever in my charm and i almost held our fate in my arms... I'm almost sorry. Because I'll always love you..I'll always want you and I'll always wait for our almost to become always. And in all way I'm only human and almost everything you've ever dreamed of. 

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