For my Love (thank you)

You’re my favorite work of art

You’re my favorite melody

You’re my favorite smell

And taste

And touch

You mean the world to me


I promised not to hurt you

Like others had before

I’ll die before I break that promise

Of this, I'm absolutely sure


Your touch is a balm

On wounds that others left on my skin

Your love is a buoy-

It pulls me up when I can’t swim


Every day is a new lesson

In learning how to trust

And every day you remind me

Exactly why we fell in love


I love that I can calm you

And take care of you when needed

I love that you stand up for me

Even though it’s easier to stay seated


Because I love you, I will cherish you

I will not break your heart

I only wish that you could trust this

And you knew it from the start


I'll never blame you for being scared

Hell, I get scared every day

And every day I'll try to prove

That I'm sincere in what I say


I know that we're just kids at heart.

We're less experienced than the rest.

But I know I'll never love someone else

Cause, Honey, you're the best. 

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