I Am

I am as good as I once was.
Though years have come to pass.
I’ve learned how to be myself,
Just with a bit more sass.

I miss you dearly, that’s the cold hard truth.
But I am your daughter after all, bulletproof.
I still am sensitive, I still cry.
Not even a second, to say goodbye.

I am not a victim, nor will I ever be.
I am strong, I am sharp.
I think you would agree.

I am almost eighteen, an adult by law.
I’ve grown so much, but I’ll still call you ma.

I am a keeper of my word,
And any word that I give.
I’ll let go of the hurt,
But I’ll still try to relive.

All the love that we shared,
And everything that you spared,
So I could be me,
And not be ensnared.

I am as good as I once was,
I am still strong, still sharp.
You run in my veins,
You live in my heart.

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