puzzle pieces of my heart

When you text me my great jumps a little, my face smiles and my eyes light up
When you call me my heart races, my voice gets higher and my body shakes

When you don't everything stands still and my face is dark...no light

This no body else can do that to me but you
When I talk to you I feel special like no other 

I want more than anything to see you face to face, I want you to hug me and hold me and don't let go, I want to see your smile up close, I want to kiss your cheek with little sweet kisses

It's been a while since anyone had made me feel this way 6 years... A long long time
I don't give my heart away easily.. So I'm going to give it to you piece by piece 
Don't be greedy and please be patient
Because once you have all the pieces its up to you to hold the pieces of my heart together and not let them fall apart. If you let the pieces fall apart, one piece is bound to be lost forever, that lost piece will belong to you. Only you will have that piece of my heart, until the next man comes along to steal my heart, only it won't be whole, because you posses a piece of my heart forever.
So please don't let the pieces of my heart fall apart keep them together glue them together with your words, actions, kisses, caresses, and hugs. Make sure you don't let go.

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