Dear Education

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 14:35 -- tromat

Dear Education,


You taught me to write in rhymed tercet

And terza rima, by reading Dante’s Inferno

A tale of a trail through Hell, quite dulcet.


But in the future, Dante’s story I will forego

In times, we forget, but I will remember instead

understanding what I read is important wherever I go.


I learned to speak and understand Spanish, usted

Puede usar esta habilidad todos los dias

I learned some of the language, but the culture will stay in my head.


To learn about Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Las Palmas

The people, the food, the ethnicities, the like

To appreciate all cultures, todos de nosotros, juntas.


I learned about history: the Alamo, and Ike

Talked about government, and the Holy Writ

But one does need to remember the stories of the third Reich.


Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it

George Santayana once said

And to repeat the atrocities of the past is a death bet.


I’ve heard many say that math won’t help them before they are dead

That x should grow up and solve its own complications

But solving x’s problems gives them the skills that can’t be read.


Problem-solving skills: not substitution, but determination

Working through tough times, not giving up in ire

It’s a skill seemingly unteachable – but one that is reachable.


On the surface, these facts don’t seem dire

But lessons in History, Literature, Language, and Math do return

Throughout life in all lives, even after you retire


Most of all I learned to learn

Another skill unteachable

I love – we love – to know and yearn


And it is that love to learn that education teaches.




(I'd think we are on a first name basis)

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