Dear Heterosexual Boys

Dear Heterosexual Boys,


Why do you think it’s okay to play with a girl’s heart?

What made you think that you were more important in the relationship?

How could you have slept peacefully at night knowing that she’s crying because of you,

Scared to tell her friends about your complicated relationship,

Because her friends had already warned her about you.


You have the audacity to leave her one day and come back whenever.

You have the audacity to tell her to trust you even though you’ve been lying to her since day one.

You have the audacity to pressure her into having sex,

Because “baby, it’s just a way to show how much I love you.”


Don’t think because girls are more empathetic that you can take advantage of them.

Don’t think because you won’t be called a slut or a hoe that you can have a “thing” with as many girls as you would like.

Don’t think because girls are physically weaker than boys that you can act dominant in the relationship,

Because honey, those pants don’t fit you.


A relationship consists of two people.

We learn to cherish, to care for, and to respect each other,

Because love has no boundaries unless you give it a reason to.


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