An Old World Fading And A New One Beginning

As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 

I leaped into the body of the sea and let it swoop me up and carry me away.  

As I felt the warm water wrap me up like a blanket and then seep away, I looked up at the sun and felt without no surprise, the sun's warmth basking me alive.  

Right then at that moment all I could feel was the touch of sweet serenity that guided me to anew.  


As the next day shinned through my window, and as I was wishing for the same luxuries that life had offered me, instead, on that same morning, I woke up to the sound of my own alarm screaming at me. My dreams that had kept me in slumber, now scattered away as I stumbled out of my bed to prepare for this day.  


As the time grew older, the more I could feel the weight of this world on my shoulders. 

The school days became harder as they kept on adding more chores to my list. But thinking that I could come home and sink into my abyss, was yet another thing that I had missed.  


Staying up late past the hours that my family had gone to sleep, I sat at my desk and worked till it was all complete.  


As the months passed by and the days seemed not to get any easier, it was beginning to show that this was what life had for me. Work upon work that grew upon me like vines spreading throughout. No matter how quickly I got a load finished, another seemed to trail right in. One after another, I felt them weigh down on me, pressing with all their might.  


A girl like me with the biggest of dreams, felt the struggle of the world pressing down on her.  

Is this what life had made of me? Working for hours until my hands felt numb or my brain felt mush? For the first time ever, I had felt the hardships of dreaming big and I felt as small as a twig.  

Sometimes I snapped. But when I tried to keep my act, I would only get faced with the harsh reality. 


Wherever I went, wherever I shall go, they; the people; always excepted me to behave as I show. Sit upright, back straight, elbows below the table, chin up, and napkin placed gently on your lap.  

It was always a matter of learning to cross the bridge and behaving as I should. If I ever messed up, they do not hesitate to point it out and have me clean it right up! 


As I watched my cousins and little ones play in the yard, I would remember the times when I was given life's easy treat. Now I sit, in between, the children laughing their worries away and the adults chit-chattering about things I don't even understand. I, not knowing what to do, or where to go, sit, in between, watching a world fade away and a new one start to begin.  


Although there are times when I did not want this new life to begin. I always remembered when everything around me felt like a breeze and the ocean would kindly take me away, into my own imagination where everyone had it the easy way.  


 And yet here I am, getting used to the new accustoms of "that's what adults do"; but every so often do I feel those weights bringing me down. It's just life building the muscles, so that I one day would be prepared, and maybe a little scared, for the child in hood to now become an adult.  


And right then in that moment all I could feel was a new life beginning and an old one fading away.  



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