I just want your attention

By: Jessiah Smith

I sat in the dark feeling alone. I felt trapped and my heart was blown. This was all true until you emerged from the dark. I thought to myself this can’t be real but my heart was wrong. You shoved my heart deeper and deeper towards the light that represented our future. That feeling of being whole is what drives me. I strive and strive to show my feelings hoping that the light is saw had shown from your heart. I was pulled from the dark but now it’s my turn to protect you from a broken heart.

Part two: You....

My heart pounds just about out of my chest when I know you're coming when I see you in my sights my heart stops in an instant. I think to myself run to her but my feet won't move it’s like my heart dropped to my feet and acts like a weight to keep me from stumbling under your presence. When you’re finally in my arms I feel like floating away. You’re like a drug I forget everything else when I'm holding you I'm hoping our high will never go away.

Part three: Sparks fly

In the beginning you were just that girl but then you changed me for the better....you became the one...my love. Sparks flew from the beginning and still are and hope they never stop because I know you are my soul mate forever and always. You’re my muse, my future, and my life I'd die if you weren't by my side. Nothing will change my feelings. I only ask one favor....just one.... stay by my side forever. I need you to stay mine

I love you



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