Reminiscing Your Love

Would this ever be the successful love it use to beAnd if its meant to beThen I know the Lord will fill me in Its been a couple years of separationBeen thinking bout you now and then Crazy how you see me as a stranger now Giving me the cold shoulderWhen we were friends and a lot moreI really mean it when I tell you I miss youI remember the times you cried I would be your tissueI remember late nights consoling your soul  I believe the thought of me is still presentMy kiss, my touchMaybe I did too much To only throw in the towel on our loveBut you see I was a virgin in the game Trying to learn what is wasTrying to make it what I saw In moviesThese days I progressOnly wanting more of you nothing lessSee my days spent  with you I was blessedI was blind I admit  But youYou would never quit You really put up with my shitI can remember the days you stayed by me when I was sickEven times when I didn't have a dimeMoney meant nothingBut the thought of us together meant a life time 

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